Rizse adds Drone and Robotics veteran Colin Guinn to Advisory Board

Colin Guinn has accepted to serve on Rizse's advisory board; Guinn is considered a luminary and a foremost authority on drones and their ability to transform industries.

Rizse is a specialized drone platform revolutionizing aircraft inspections. Rizse provides data solutions that include predictive maintenance, fleet optimization, and risk mitigation for the aerospace & defense industry.

Colin is a recognized expert and thought leader, having served as the CEO of DJI America and co-founder of Hanger, acquired by AirMap last year.


Colin is a prominent voice on how drone companies can successfully navigate from early-stage prototypes to commercial products reaching individual consumers, industrial clients, and the military.

Colin is currently the founding partner and CEO of Guinn Partners. GP is responsible for developing and launching some of the most successful drones in the world. Colin has also spearheaded the opening of the Center for Autonomous Robotics in Austin, Texas. Rizse is looking forward to the opening of the center, where it will relocate its headquarters.

Colin will help Rizse build additional strategic partnerships and leverage existing stakeholders to accelerate its business growth. Working together with Rizse, Colin will bolster the competitive advantage Rizse has as an innovative drone technology inspection platform for the aviation industry. Other verticals will be explored, assisted by Colin's depth of understanding of the drone landscape.

"At Guinn Partners, we see a wave coming of industry-specific solutions utilizing robotics, automation software, and analytics to ease the workflow of getting quality data models and significantly reduce the costs associated with obtaining the insights they provide. Rizse’s autonomous aircraft inspection solution is a perfect example of this, and we’re thrilled to be helping Rizse’s team bring it to reality!" - Colin Guinn 

"Rizse is excited to welcome Colin as the newest member of our board of advisories. With his guidance and knowledge, Rizse will position itself as the world leader in the large infrastructure inspection sector. Rizse is thrilled to move into the Center of Autonomous Robotics, where we will leverage the resources and access to not only build ourselves but foster continued innovation in the robotics and artificial intelligence community." - Colby Harvey