4D Technology and Rizse to Explore Remote Defect Inspection Alliance

4D Technology, a subsidiary of Onto Innovation at the forefront of vibration-immune, instantaneous 3D measurements of surfaces, announces an alliance with Rizse, a developer of specialized drones for
aircraft inspection. Together, the two organizations will seek to develop an extension of 4D InSpec®, 4D Technology’s popular 3D surface gauge. The new sensor will enable companies in the aerospace and defense sectors to conduct high-resolution measurements of large-scale surface features to find and quantify damage, such as lightning strikes, hail dents, or bird impacts.

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Rizse adds Drone and Robotics veteran Colin Guinn to Advisory Board

Colin Guinn has accepted to serve on Rizse's advisory board; Guinn is considered a luminary and a foremost authority on drones and their ability to transform industries.

Rizse is a specialized drone platform revolutionizing aircraft inspections. Rizse provides data solutions that include predictive maintenance, fleet optimization, and risk mitigation for the aerospace & defense industry.

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